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Replacement Trunk Lift Supports for 2004 Ford Thunderbird

I recently purchased the MYSMOT 4073 Trunk Lift Supports for my 2004 Ford Thunderbird, and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with this product. Not only was the installation process a breeze, but the lift supports have also been functioning flawlessly, making me wonder why I didn’t replace them sooner.

MYSMOT 4073 trunk lift supports review

First and foremost, the installation of these lift supports was incredibly easy. Within minutes, I had the old lift supports removed and the new ones securely in place. It was a hassle-free experience, and I greatly appreciate that. The only tool you need is a small screw driver or other similar tool so you can undo the latch holding existing lift supports in place.

Excellent Performance

The most important aspect, of course, is how well the lift supports actually perform, and in that regard, the MYSMOT 4073 excels. Previously, my Thunderbird’s trunk would not stay open on its own, causing me inconvenience and frustration. However, since installing these lift supports, my trunk stays open effortlessly, allowing me to load and unload items without constantly having to hold it up manually. The supports provide the perfect amount of resistance, keeping the trunk securely open while still allowing for easy closing when needed.

Remarkable Convenience

I can’t emphasize enough how much of a positive difference these lift supports have made in my daily life. The added convenience and functionality are truly remarkable. I find myself wondering why I didn’t invest in these sooner. They have completely eliminated the annoyance of a trunk that won’t stay open and have made my Thunderbird a pleasure to use again.


In conclusion, I highly recommend the MYSMOT 4073 Trunk Lift Supports for anyone experiencing similar issues with their 2004 Ford Thunderbird. The easy installation, combined with the excellent performance, makes this product a worthwhile investment. Don’t hesitate like I did; replace your worn-out lift supports with these and enjoy the convenience they bring.

Thunderbird trunk lift supports
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