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The Best Homebrewing Gifts of 2023

Brewing beer at home is a passion that transforms humble ingredients into liquid artistry. Whether you’re an aspiring homebrewer, a seasoned malt maestro, or you’re searching for the perfect gift for a brewing enthusiast in your life, this guide is here to inspire. The world of homebrewing is rich with creativity, science, and a strong sense of community, and what better way to celebrate this craft than by delving into a curated list of the best homebrewing gifts of 2023 that will elevate anyone’s brewing journey.

From the novice who’s just uncorked the world of home fermentation to the master brewer crafting their latest masterpiece, these handpicked suggestions cover a range of gifts that cater to every level of expertise. Whether it’s the essential equipment for the starter kit, the meticulously sourced ingredients that create unforgettable flavors, or the innovative tools that streamline the brewing process, there’s something here to delight every beer connoisseur.

Join us as we explore the realms of malt, hops, yeast, and creativity, uncovering the gems that will make the heart of any homebrewer skip a beat. From the joy of receiving a personalized brewing apron to the satisfaction of mastering temperature control with precision instruments, this guide is a gateway to discovering the perfect gift for every homebrewing aficionado.

So, whether you’re looking to surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift or to expand your own brewing arsenal, let’s dive into a world of hops, bubbles, and endless possibilities. Here are the finest homebrewing gifts that will make any brewer’s heart froth with excitement.

Tilt hydrometer

Tilt hydrometer

A Tilt Hydrometer is a wireless hydrometer that allows homebrewers to track the specific gravity of their wort in real time. This can be a helpful tool for ensuring that fermentation is proceeding as planned.

For the more advanced homebrewer you may want to consider the Tilt Pro.

If your loved one is a geek at heart, then you may also want to consider getting them a Raspberry Pi so they can set it up to monitor the Tilt (Tilt Pi).

Custom beer bottle labels

custom beer bottle labels

Custom beer bottle labels are a great way to personalize your homebrews and make them stand out from the crowd. You can design your own labels or order pre-made labels from a variety of online retailers.

Custom beer bottle caps

custom beer bottle caps

Custom beer bottle caps are another great way to personalize your homebrews. You can order caps with your own logo, design, or message.

If your favorite homebrewer bottles their own beer, this is a great way to allow them to take it to the next level.

Digital thermometer

digital thermometer

A digital thermometer is a must-have for any homebrewer. It’s important to be able to accurately measure the temperature of your wort during the brewing process. It never hurts to have a couple of them so you have one as a backup.

Homebrewing books

homebrew books

There are a number of great homebrewing books on the market that can teach you the basics of brewing or help you improve your skills. Some popular homebrewing books include:

Bottle drying tree / rack

bottle drying rack bottle drying rack

A bottle drying tree or rack is a fantastic gift idea for any homebrewer or beer enthusiast. This simple yet invaluable tool offers a practical solution for drying and storing freshly cleaned bottles after the brewing process. With its multiple tiers and specialized design, the drying tree efficiently accommodates a significant number of bottles, optimizing space while allowing air circulation to prevent any residual moisture or contaminants. For those who enjoy bottling their homemade brews, this tool streamlines the post-brewing cleanup process and ensures sanitized bottles are ready for the next batch. Its convenience and efficiency make the bottle drying tree a thoughtful and indispensable gift that demonstrates consideration for the brewer’s passion and their desire to create the perfect bottle of beer.

Inkbird temperature controller

Inkbird temperature controller

An Inkbird temp controller is a great way to automate the temperature control of your fermentation process. This can help ensure that your beer ferments at the correct temperature, resulting in better flavor.

Note that in order to use a temperature controller, you will need some sort of ferment chamber. I use an old mini fridge that I customized to fit my fermentation vessel and then use the Inkbird controller to monitor and control the temperature.

Brewing workshops or classes

A homebrewing workshop or class is the ultimate gift for both novice and advanced home brewers, as well as beer enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into the art of brewing. For beginners, it’s a gateway to understanding the foundational techniques, ingredients, and equipment necessary to start their brewing journey on the right foot. They’ll gain confidence, hands-on experience, and valuable insights from seasoned instructors. For the more experienced brewer, these workshops offer a platform to refine their skills, experiment with advanced methods, and learn about cutting-edge trends in the brewing world. Whether it’s discovering the secrets of perfecting hop profiles or mastering the science behind yeast propagation, a workshop or class opens doors to new horizons. Beyond technical knowledge, these experiences foster a sense of community, connecting participants with fellow enthusiasts and experts. Ultimately, the gift of a homebrewing workshop or class transcends simply learning; it’s an investment in passion, creativity, and a shared love for the world of beer.

To discover a suitable homebrewing workshop or class, start by checking with local breweries, homebrew shops, and online event platforms like Eventbrite or Meetup. Engage in brewing communities, forums, and social media groups to gather recommendations. Look into specialized brewing schools, associations, and conferences for comprehensive learning experiences. Community colleges, networking with fellow homebrewers, and homebrewing websites can also provide valuable leads. Consider factors such as location, expertise level, and topics covered to choose the perfect workshop or class for your favorite homebrewer or beer enthusiast.

Homebrew journal

homebrew journal

A homebrew journal makes an excellent gift idea because it serves as a dedicated space for brewers to document their brewing journey. It allows them to record recipes, ingredients, techniques, observations, and tasting notes for each batch of beer they create. This practice helps brewers refine their skills, learn from past experiences, and develop a deeper understanding of their brewing process. Whether they’re a novice or experienced brewer, a homebrew journal becomes a valuable resource for tracking progress, experimenting with variations, and achieving consistency in their brews. It’s a thoughtful gift that not only enhances their brewing expertise but also provides a personalized touch to their passion, enabling them to create a tangible chronicle of their creative endeavors.

Grain mill

Grain mill

A grain mill is a wonderful gift choice for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts due to its transformative impact on the brewing process. By allowing brewers to crush their own grains just before brewing, a grain mill unlocks a world of possibilities. Freshly milled grains retain their full flavor, aroma, and essential oils, contributing to richer and more nuanced beer profiles. This gift empowers brewers to customize their grain crush, tailoring it to specific recipes and experimenting with various coarseness levels. Not only does a grain mill enhance the quality of the brew, but it also offers a deeper understanding of the brewing process and ingredients. It’s a gift that adds both creativity and precision to a brewer’s toolkit, highlighting a commitment to their craft and passion for creating exceptional homebrews.

Digital kitchen scale

digital kitchen scale

A digital kitchen scale is a thoughtful and practical gift idea that can greatly enhance a homebrewer’s or beer lover’s brewing experience. Precision is paramount in brewing, and a digital kitchen scale offers accurate measurements of ingredients like hops, malts, and adjuncts, ensuring consistency and quality in every batch. It empowers brewers to follow recipes meticulously, experiment with precision, and achieve desired flavor profiles. Beyond brewing, a kitchen scale finds utility in various culinary endeavors, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen. With its compact size and user-friendly interface, this gift embodies both the art and science of brewing, reflecting a genuine understanding of their passion for crafting exceptional beverages.

Gift cards

If you’re unsure about specific preferences, a gift card to a local homebrew supply shop or an online retailer can give the recipient the freedom to choose what they need.

I would highly recommend supporting your local homebrew shop if you have one in the area. It is great to give back to the local community and support the local businesses. The owner and employees are usually very helpful.


This guide assists in selecting the ideal gift for beer lovers and homebrewers alike. From starter kits and brewing workshops to personalized journals, bottle drying racks, and grain mills, the article presents a range of thoughtful options. Each suggestion reflects a genuine understanding of the recipient’s passion, catering to different experience levels while enhancing their enjoyment and mastery of the brewing process.

I hope this guide helped you out with picking the perfect gift and hopefully it helps get your loved one or friend hooked on brewing!

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