Alpine Springs RV Park

Alpine Springs RV Park Review

Nestled in the heart of the charming town of Alpine, California, Alpine Springs RV Park beckons travelers with the allure of Southern California’s natural beauty and the excitement of being just moments away from Viejas Casino and Outlets. If you’re seeking an ideal destination to unwind, explore, and enjoy both the tranquility of nature and the vibrant offerings of a nearby entertainment hub, you’ve found it. In this comprehensive review, we’ll be your tour guides as we delve into the charm and allure of Alpine Springs RV Park, highlighting its convenient proximity to Viejas Casino and Outlets and uncovering why it has become a beloved retreat for RV enthusiasts and avid shoppers alike. From the stunning surroundings to top-notch amenities and an array of captivating activities, this RV park in Alpine, CA, offers the best of both worlds. So, join us as we embark on a virtual journey to explore all that makes this mountain-side oasis an unmissable stop on your next RV adventure, with the added bonus of easy access to shopping and entertainment at Viejas Casino and Outlets.

Campground Overview

You need to make reservations through MA-TAR-AWA RV Camper Park. Note that they have limited hours so if you plan on visiting you need to make sure you arrive before they close.

Address: 5635 Willows Rd, Alpine, CA 91901

Phone: 619-445-3162

Campsite Review

The online reviews really scared us for what to expect. They talked about very poor conditions and very difficult to navigate roads to get to your site. We were actually pretty surprised as the conditions were not as nearly bad as described.

The overall campground was very lacking as it appears it was a separate campground that went out of business and took over by MA-TAR-AWA RV Camper Park. This didn’t bother us one bit.

We stayed in site 112 that was very spacious and had both water and 50 amp hookups. We also didn’t even have anyone in the site adjacent to us.

This was all for $35 a night which was fantastic.

The only negative is that there were ants and you needed to be very careful to keep them out of your RV.

Site at Alpine Springs RV Park

Amenities and Facilities

This campground offers very little in amenities and facilities. If you do not really need anything beyond your camp site then you will be fine. About the only amenity that is offered is a shuttle ride to/from the casino. Good luck!

Natural Surroundings

The camp sites are on a hill and not very far from Highway 8. There are a number of trees and the stars at night are pretty amazing.

We camped here just as tropical storm Hilary was making her way from Mexico towards San Diego and the electrical storm in the clouds the night before was pretty cool to see.

Campground Staff

I only saw the staff when I checked in at MA-TAR-AWA office across the street.

Nearby Attractions

Here’s a list of nearby attractions you can include in your blog review of Alpine Springs RV Park in Alpine, California:

  1. Viejas Casino and Outlets: Just a stone’s throw away, this premier casino offers a wide range of gaming options, dining experiences, and live entertainment. Adjacent to it, the Viejas Outlets provide an excellent shopping destination with numerous retail stores.
  2. Cleveland National Forest: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Cleveland National Forest, where you can explore hiking trails, go camping, and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.
  3. Alpine Beer Company: For beer enthusiasts, a visit to the Alpine Beer Company is a must. This local brewery is known for its craft beers and is a great spot to relax with friends.
  4. Wright’s Field: This nearby nature preserve offers hiking and bird-watching opportunities. It’s an excellent place to connect with nature and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
  5. Lions, Tigers & Bears: This exotic animal rescue facility provides a unique chance to see big cats and bears up close while supporting their conservation efforts.
  6. Lakeside Rodeo: If you’re visiting during the right time of year, don’t miss the Lakeside Rodeo, a true Western experience with bull riding, barrel racing, and more.
  7. Antique Shopping: Alpine boasts several charming antique shops, perfect for those who love vintage finds and collectibles.
  8. Golfing: Alpine is home to the beautiful Sycuan Golf Resort, offering golfers a picturesque setting to enjoy their favorite sport.
  9. William Heise County Park: Located a short drive away in Julian, this park offers hiking trails, camping, and picnicking areas amidst lush oak and pine forests.
  10. Julian: Just a scenic drive away, the historic town of Julian is famous for its apple pies, quaint shops, and seasonal apple picking.


If you are looking for a place to camp that is close to a casino with hookups and a really cheap rate this is the spot. Don’t come here if you are expecting for a top notch RV resort, but if you are looking for a cheap spot to camp that is close to the casino and outlet mall this works out great.


Nestled in the serene town of Alpine, California, Alpine Springs RV Park is the perfect blend of natural tranquility and nearby entertainment. Its close proximity to Viejas Casino and Outlets offers a unique fusion of outdoor adventure and leisure, making it a top choice for RV enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to the stunning landscapes of Cleveland National Forest, eager for retail therapy at Viejas Outlets, or seeking the thrill of nearby attractions, this RV park caters to diverse interests.

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