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How to Fix Poor Color on TCL 55US57 TV


I recently acquired a pre-owned TCL 55US57 television, only to discover that the display had distorted colors, making it difficult to enjoy watching. Initially, my approach involved adjusting different display settings in an attempt to resolve the problem, but unfortunately, none of these attempts proved successful. However, after conducting some online research, I discovered that the primary cause of this issue was a malfunctioning T-Con board. This article will hopefully help you fix the poor color on your TCL TV.


To tackle this frustrating issue head-on, I took a proactive approach and ordered a replacement T-Con board from Amazon (specifically the SaiDian 1 Pcs New ST5461D04-1-C-7 T-con Board for TCL 55S405TBCA). Within just a couple of days, the eagerly awaited package arrived at my doorstep.

Before diving into the repair process, I made sure to create a safe working environment. Placing a protective moving blanket on the floor, I carefully positioned the TV facedown, ensuring the glass screen was shielded from any potential damage.

With caution as my guide, I proceeded to remove both of the legs and meticulously unscrewed the small screws that held the back cover in place. It’s wise to keep these screws organized in a designated container, such as a bowl, and make note of their order, as they may vary in size.

Once the back cover was successfully detached (this might require some careful maneuvering), I focused on disconnecting the ribbon cables connected to the faulty T-Con board. Ensuring gentle handling, I detached the cables with precision.

With the old board now free from its position, I skillfully removed the screws that held it in place and gracefully replaced it with the shiny new T-Con board. The snug fit and secure fastening ensured a reliable connection.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment, I began the reassembly process, reversing the steps taken earlier. With meticulous attention to detail, I carefully put everything back together, ensuring each screw was in its rightful place and each cable was reconnected securely.

The moment of truth had arrived. With a surge of anticipation, I powered on the TV, and to my utter delight, the colors on the screen emerged in all their vibrant glory! The issue had been triumphantly resolved, and once again, I could relish in the immersive joy of watching my favorite content.

By following these simple and effective resolution steps, you too can bid farewell to the frustration of distorted colors on your TCL TV and welcome back the delightful visual experience you deserve.

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